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    Paul Kraaijvanger is the founder of Real Equity Group One LLC. Paul began his career in San Francisco in 2008, as the United States was entering one of the deepest recessions in modern history


    The main focus of Real Equity Group One LLC has been the rehabilitation and repositioning of multi-unit properties and single family homes.


    When Paul is not at work, he can usually be found playing water polo. He is also interested in swimming and surfing.

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    Real Estate and Water Sports

    January 12, 2017 · Surfing,Travel,water sports
    *This post originally appeared on www.paulkraaijvanger.net. When it comes to good surfing locations, most surfers want more than wind and waves. While wind and high-quality waves are necessities, the best locations also feature picturesque landscapes, excellent housing options, and fun...
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