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Top Surfing Spots in the World

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When it comes to good surfing locations, most surfers want more than wind and waves. While wind and high-quality waves are necessities, the best locations also feature picturesque landscapes, excellent housing options, and fun activities you can do when you want to take a break from surfing. Take a look at the below list to see some of the world’s best surfing locations.

Canggu, Bali

If you visited the black-sand beaches of Canggu, Bali ten years ago, you wouldn’t find too many surfers. Today, however, the beach is a bit more crowded when peak season comes around. You’ll also find more cafes and places to stay while you’re visiting. One thing that hasn’t changed is Canggu’s laid-back vibe and wonderful reef breaks. When it comes to food, two of the best options are the Shady Shack and Canteen Café. If you’re searching for a place to stay, take a look at The Chillhouse. The Chillhouse bills itself as a “tropical lifestyle retreat.” In addition to its rooms and bungalows, you’ll find yoga classes and surfing lessons.

Waikiki, Hawaii

Although California is the most popular surf destination in the United States, Hawaii is where the sport was born. Every surfer should make a pilgrimage to Hawaii at least once in their lives. The warm waters of Waikiki offer gentle waves and long rides. While some surfers label Waikiki as a tourist trap, it’s a great choice for a tropical vacation that also offers some of the benefits you can only find in cities.

Hoddevik, Norway

When most people think of Norway, they probably think of snow and frigid temperatures. However, with the right wetsuit—not only can you enter the chilly waters—you can thoroughly enjoy your surf session. While you won’t find any crowds on Norway’s wild beaches, you will find consistent swells and magnificent mountains. Lapoint Surf Camps offers surf packages that include accommodations, lessons, and gear for your adventure. The packages are great for new surfers, but experienced surfers will appreciate the accommodations that the company offers.

Lagos, Portugal

Lagos, Portugal features waves for surfers of all experience levels. Plus the beaches are located close together, so you shouldn’t have a problem exploring all of the waves that Lagos offers. The town has a reputation for being a great location for partying as well. One of the most popular bars to visit is called Mellow Loco. You’ll also juice and salad bars to keep you from going hungry in between your surfing sessions. Surf Experience offers surfing packages that include meals, yoga classes, and accommodation.

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